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 Stupid ban that admin didnt even hear what i had to say

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PostSubject: Stupid ban that admin didnt even hear what i had to say   Tue Dec 21, 2010 11:26 pm

ok i got banned for so called prop killing what happened was i was a gun dealer and i was making a gun dispencer and all these people surrounding me then this person comes in and steals my shipment twice now the second time he also stole a weled prop that was part of the dispencer later i find him and kill him and reclaim my shipment then the prop came to and it went left and right gliching trying to get back to the spot were i welded it and then and killed a person right as i deleted it then admin came and right when i was going to explain he gaged me and person that was steal shipments said i think prop killing is banable then he banned me with out hear what happened so can i get unbanned please I realy enjoyed your server until the stupid admin came and was all ban ban ban ban abn who care what you say i just going to ban ban ban YOU!! anyways so yeah please unban me

Name: ::ZK::NinjaCaT0126 ><NF>
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:28041968
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Stupid ban that admin didnt even hear what i had to say
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