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 Admitting I did something wrong, Asking for forgiveness.

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PostSubject: Admitting I did something wrong, Asking for forgiveness.   Wed Dec 22, 2010 1:43 pm

So, I was starting up a base and had some valuable Items inside, and "Dr. Pacman" begins :coolface: ing me, He was jumping around my base spamming sounds with his grav gun. After 2 minutes of this I asked him to leave. His response was to start lockpicking my door. I was just starting and completely unarmed so I panicked. In a last resort, I threw a light prop at him to make him leave. He must have been at low health because it killed him. An admin confronted me and here I am. I know I shouldn't have thrown a prop at him, but I was not thinking. D: I would appreciate an unban.
PS: I think the admins name was Mii Mii or something and I was unable to find details on my ban on sites like soucebans, so excuse me if this was only like a 1 hour ban. Also couldnt find any "Ban Format" requirments so my bad if I wrote this wrong
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Admitting I did something wrong, Asking for forgiveness.
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