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 Ban without any reason (or bad reason ;o)

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Ban without any reason (or bad reason ;o) Empty
PostSubject: Ban without any reason (or bad reason ;o)   Ban without any reason (or bad reason ;o) EmptyFri Jan 07, 2011 5:42 am

Hello all!
When i was playing on rp server with my friend anth (He was banned too in the same time when i was. Hes ID - 76561198027641637)There was a player Xero (or xaro i dont remember). He was destryoing our base without any reason about 3 times with C4 and grenades. He were also RDM-ing us and other players on server. When we killed him and get into his house he broke NLR and came back instantly so we killed him. We killed him 3 or 4 times when we was inside hes house (he was breaking NLR, and it was revenge for destorying our base). When we killed him 3-4 time admin banned us. Hes nick was Detpx. When we was calling him when xero was destorying our base he did not do anything. It's not fair and In my opinion if Detox wanna ban someone, that should be xero. I beg for unban for me and my friend D: My ID - 76561198012777546
Have a nice day ang good bye (My english is not briliant. Sry for any mistakes)
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Ban without any reason (or bad reason ;o)
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